Rukh-e-Aina _ its about a confrontation of what Im am inside and the way people see me.
It’s about an old war that started within me….This war, by now has ruined up the entire me…
Grew with the passage of time..and now all what is left, is ruins.
Ruins of my soul and the palaces i built by the sea (perhaps with sand)

Echoes of the parted souls party with woes and invite me among them….
It’s a place for dead and lost souls. We dance on the rhythm of sorrow, the music of pain.
We drink from the broken cups of soreness and nothing but the throbbbing beats of the dead keep us alive!
Yes… We live, we live cause this is what we are intend to do.
May be a dual life..but the confrontation will one day end…
“mitti mein mil jayen gay”